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If youíre looking to get a general idea as to what type of premium you may have to pay for life insurance, you may choose to start with our rating system, located under the life quote option. This system rates all major carriers, so that you can discover the best pricing for you. If you were to look into the carriers that you hear advertised on radio and TV, you would also get a quote. However, you would then be contacted by a representative, who most likely does not have the experience or expertise needed to set you up with the best possible policy at the best price. At Advantage First, we represent YOU to the marketplace. We do not represent the carrier to you. Thatís a difference that matters!

Best of all, we have extensive knowledge and experience in business life applications such Buy/Sell, Gold Handcuffs, Non-Qualified Deferred Comp, and Estate Panning strategies. Our customized solutions are as diverse as the clients we serve.

Certain carriers may have as little interest in a client as they do in that clientís circumstances, including lifestyles or conditions that may or may not put that applicant at a higher rating, or cause him/her to just be declined altogether.

Having worked with all the major carriers gives us that added advantage in finding the right carrier and the best form of coverage, all at the right price. Without that extra edge, you may get the right price, but your coverage may be insufficient or may not cover the areas that best suit your particular life insurance needs. You also run the risk, with some carriers, of having a difficult time getting the coverage you asked for. And, if you do get it, you may be told a certain price, only to find out later that you were rated up to a higher price. Price is definitely important, but you also want to optimize your investment.

At Advantage First, we will be with you every step of the way when looking at life insurance options. We will carefully consider everything from design to rates to carrier suggestions, the application process, and finally, delivering your policy.

You may already have life insurance. If so, we will review that policy and give you a recommendation, at no cost to you! If what you have seems to be the best solution for you, then we will recommend that you keep that policy. However, if there is a better approach, policy advantage, or price, we will make you aware of those options, free of charge. Thereís no cost, no obligation and no pressure to sign up. We will simply present our findings to you for your consideration.

Life insurance can protect the ones you love and be the foundation of your financial plan. One of the most common mistakes made when it comes to life Insurance is putting it off until tomorrow. Donít wait. Email us today and get the answers you need regarding the best life insurance advantage for you.

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