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Large-Group Advantage

What is large-group health coverage?

Employer-sponsored health care coverage is the most common type of health insurance held by people today. About 157 million non-elderly Americans receive their health benefits through their employer or a family memberís employer. Employers with over 100+ employees enrolled in a business health insurance plan are considered to be in the large-group category.

What differentiates AFIís large-group plan from other large-group plans?

AFI is committed to providing the highest level of service and support to our commercial clients. In fact, we adhere to three core principles when assisting those clients with the management of their large-group employee benefit plans. We provide professional, value-added programs that are based on strategic planning, five-star service and cutting-edge technology.
Some of the advantages to AFIís large-group plan include:

  • Benefits programs that help to recruit and retain top-level employees
  • Products and solutions that save you time and money
  • Proprietary programs that create real value to your company, and your employees
  • Expert team members with proven industry experience, and years of carrier relationships translating in to best price and products
  • Vast resources in the areas of compliance and employee law
  • Programs and services that provide a positive impact on your business and on the lives of your employees and their families

Discover the large-group advantage for yourself!

To find out more about large-group business health insurance options, email an AFI representative. Weíd be happy to discuss your situation and have a Request for Proposal sent to you. Click here to email us today. We look forward to working with you soon to discover your AFI Advantage.


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