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Advantage First Insurance Services, LLC, and our affiliate companies, represent four generations of insurance professionals. It all began in 1930 with J.D. Strople & Sons, a family-owned-and-operated, client-driven company founded by Joseph D. Strople. Throughout our 84-year history, we’ve serviced a wide range of satisfied clients, including commercial accounts like Farmer John, Gaffler & Salter and NRT National Reality Trust. We’ve also worked with individual clients who chose to trust our agency with their personal lines of insurance.

At Advantage First, our top priority is you, the client. Driven by a commitment to stand by our clients and help them better their business, we like to use the “Golden Rule” as our unofficial motto. Why? Because we understand the fundamental building blocks for creating brand loyalty include demonstrating loyalty and giving our clients the respect that they deserve.

To us, it’s a partnership, and it’s got to be a two-way street. We treat every client as if they’re part of our family. Because to us, they are. They are part of a relationship in which both parties are interdependent on one another. Together, we can accomplish your goals and create the best possible programs for your business. At Advantage First, we’re not focused on going public, selling out to the highest bidder, or going for our own personal gain. Our focus is on something more important — serving the clients we support.

As part of that support, we offer comprehensive programs for commercial and personal lines of coverage. But, that’s not all. A large portion of our areas of expertise involves employee benefits. We understand how critical these coverages can be in attracting and retaining valuable employees. We are also very familiar with the costs and challenges associated with such coverages. That’s why Advantage First partners with each client to provide the best possible plan in both price and benefits. We work with you to find creative solutions that best meet your employees needs, but don’t negatively affect your bottom line. How do we accomplish such a task? Through established relationships with every major carrier in the industry.

At Advantage First, we’ve got the experience and expertise required to find and implement the perfect solution for all your insurance needs.

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