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HR extensions (HRX)

HRX is a powerful service available to qualified Advantage First clients.

HRX allows you to maintain control of your employee benefits program without having to hire more internal staff. How? By placing the administrative duties of your benefits plan with people who have the knowledge, skills and experience required to successfully administer that plan, or by assisting your HR Department as much or as little as they need and/or prefer. Our team has the time, expertise and resources necessary to take the burden off of you, and manage your program in the most efficient manner.

Whether you are starting a new plan, changing plans or already managing a plan, we can take charge of your plan administration and alleviate the hassles you’ve had to deal with. The team at Advantage First can provide a host of valuable services, including:

  • Enrolling new hires, making sure they are in the carrier’s system, and verifying that have their identification cards
  • Helping new hires with plan choices, answering questions, helping them find a doctor, and making sure their applications are complete
  • Providing new hire enrollment packages and cost sheets so that each employee can complete the enrollment process in a timely manner — this makes a great first impression and gives new hires a real sense of pride in the company they’ve just joined
In addition to these value-added services, our team will also notify the Cobra administrator, who will send out the required new-hire letter. Many companies often overlook this critical step, leaving their company open to law suit liabilities.

As part of the HRX program, Advantage First also provides a monthly billing audit for your business administrator, verifying charges and reviewing billing information for those who have been added or deleted from the plan. Without the benefit of our services, this process could mean hours of frustration for your administrator, who would have to deal directly with the carrier in order to make their bill accurately reflect any additions or deletions. But with HRX, when a termination takes place, your business manager simply notifies us, and we step in to assist. This includes contacting the Cobra administrator, who sends out the proper Cobra notices, so as to avoid costly litigation. He/she also sends out plan information and options, and enrolls terminated employees in Cobra if they chose to continue coverage.

But what about existing employees who are having issues with the carrier? Who deals with them? Your business manager? Why not take that burden away and allow that individual to utilize his/her time and energy in the area for which he/she is compensated? Let the team at Advantage First handle all the day-to-day issues, including working with carriers on behalf or your employees and handling HIPA issues that could create a great deal of frustration for your staff. Avoid those frustrations by allowing us to manage your plan and/or assist your HR staff. With strong long-term relationships with every major carrier and a staff with years of experience, our team offers the best possible approach to managing your employee benefits program, enabling you to gain and retain valuable employees. What better way to boost employee morale than by providing a program they can depend upon to meet their needs and offer the assistance they require. You get more satisfied employees and avoid the added cost of having to replace them when they leave early due to dissatisfaction with your benefits program.

When the time comes for renewal, we have the information you need, so you and your staff members do not have to be bothered with collecting that information. You’ll get the best possible quotes and newest plan designs. The best benefits at the best price — what could be better? And, you can rest assured our marketing information will reflect your company’s individual and financial needs. This will allow your CFO or financial staff to create more accurate budget plans and financial projections, giving you greater control and added savings without creating extra work for your internal team.

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