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You often hear brokerages and consulting firms boast about how they provide exceptional client services. Many times, clients are introduced to a number of support staff in the first meeting, only to find them difficult to reach when they need them. Sometimes, these firms will offer a self-serve, online HR system that looks enticing, but in the end, requires more time than you have to invest in it, given the demands of your department.

When the time comes that you need personal and professional help from your brokerage, you do not need another layer of bureaucracy. You need a team member who’s as close as your phone, and as responsive as your best ally — not a referral back to a carrier rep.

With Advantage First Insurance HR Extensions (HRX), you get the support that you and your employees need now, from professional and licensed staff that you can count on. With the HRX program, you can design a plan that embodies what you need and what you want, not what others tell you that you need.

To us, it’s a partnership, and it’s got to be a two-way street. We treat every client as if they’re a part of our family. Because to us, they are. They are part of a relationship in which both parties are interdependent on one another. Together, we can accomplish your goals and create the best possible programs for your business. At Advantage First, we’re not focused on going public, selling out to the highest bidder or going for our own personal gain. Our focus is on something more important — serving the clients we support.

Here is a list of services you may find helpful in understanding what true service means to us.

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