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Privacy Policy Statement

At Advantage First Insurance, we are committed to protecting your privacy. To visitors to this Web site and our valued customers, we offer this pledge: Advantage First Insurance is the owner of the information that is collected on this Web site. We will not sell, disseminate, disclose, trade, transmit, transfer, share, lease or rent to any third party any personally identifiable information not specifically authorized by you to receive, except as we have disclosed to you in this Privacy Policy.

Information Collection
We will ask you to provide your personal information to us when you enroll for coverage and/or when you purchase an insurance policy from us. We will also ask you to provide your personal information to us when you send email to us from this Web site. When you enroll for coverage by an insurance policy through Advantage First Insurance, we will ask you to provide your name, home address, mailing address, telephone number and email address. This information will be provided to the insurance company when you purchase an insurance policy, so that they can establish you as a policyholder.

We will maintain a record of your information at the offices of Advantage First Insurance so that we can provide you with policyholder services. The employees of Advantage First Insurance are each required to sign and acknowledge a Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement. Each employee has been instructed on how to maintain the privacy of each customer and the importance of protecting each customer's personal information.

When you purchase an insurance policy from Advantage First Insurance, you will pay the premiums with your credit card or personal check. We do not keep a record of your credit card information. If you pay the premium using your personal check, we might keep a copy of your check in your file. When you send us an email from this Web site, you will be providing us with certain personally identifiable information, including your email address.

We may collect personal information from:

  • You, through applications or other forms. Information we collect may include names, addresses, and social security numbers.
  • Your transactions with us, such as payment of premiums or submission of claims.
  • Third parties, including doctors, employers, and other insurers. Information we collect may include medical records, employment history and claims history.
  • Credit reporting agencies, insurance reporting agencies, government agencies, and medical information providers.

Information Disclosure
Our agency makes every effort to maintain absolute privacy to those using our Web site. If personal information is ever viewed by another party, it is purely accidental and by using our Web site, you release us from any liability should this information be downloaded, viewed or retrieved in violation to our privacy rules. We shall not be liable for any unlawful acts of others who steal this information through any means.

We do not sell non-public information to anyone. We do not disclose non-public personal information to our affiliates or to non-affiliated third parties, except as required or permitted by law. As permitted by law, we may share non-public information with companies that perform administrative or marketing services to us. Our contracts with such companies prohibit them from using non-public personal information for any purpose other than that for which they were hired.

Notice of Insurance Information Practices
Personal information about you, including information from a credit report and loss history, may be collected from persons other than you in connection with your application for insurance and subsequent policy renewals. You have the right to review your personal information in our files and can request the correction of any inaccuracies. Such information, as well as other personal and privileged information collected by us or our agents, may, in certain circumstances, be disclosed to third parties, without your authorization, to assist in servicing your account. A more detailed description of your rights and our practices regarding such information can be accessed by contacting your agent or broker and asking for additional details about our information and disclosure practices.

Any person who knowingly, and with the intent to defraud any insurance company or another person, files an application for insurance or statement of claim containing any materially false information, or conceals, for the purpose of misleading, any information concerning any fact material thereto, commits a fraudulent insurance act, which is a crime and subjects the person to criminal and (NY: substantial) civil penalties. (Not applicable in CO, HI, NE, OH, OK, OR, or VT; in DC, LA, ME, TN, VA and WA, insurance benefits may also be denied).

A cookie is a piece of data that is stored on a visitor's hard drive while they are visiting this Web site. We may utilize a short-lived form of a cookie when you visit this site. At Advantage First Insurance, a cookie is only used to identify one unique visitor from another visitor during a particular session. A session is the period of active site use while that unique visitor is linked to our server. We may use cookie technology during a session as a tool to carry forward your input information during the enrollment process. This enables the visitor to input his/her information once and have that information appear later during the enrollment process. No personally identifiable information is stored on the cookie. The cookie expires and is deleted from the visitor's computer as soon as they close their browser or if they are not actively browsing our Web site for more than 20 minutes. Should a previous visitor to our Web site return for a new session, they will be issued a new cookie and in no way will they be recognized as a visitor from a previous visit or session.

Third Party Links
This Web site may contain links to third party Web sites that are not controlled by Advantage First Insurance. These third party links are made available to you as a convenience and you agree to use these links at your own risk. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the content of third party Web sites linked to Advantage First Insurance nor are we responsible for the privacy policy or practices of third party Web sites. Our Privacy Policy only applies to information we collect from you while you are at and while you are actively in a Web site session with Advantage First Insurance. If you should link to a third party Web site from Advantage First Insurance, we strongly encourage you to review and become familiar with that Web site's privacy policy.

Changes In Our Privacy Policy
We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy without providing you advance notice of our intent to make the changes.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us at 949.215.5226.


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