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HR extensions (HRX)

HRX is a powerful service available to qualified Advantage First clients.

HRX is not a self-help web based system but rather a staff based team to work for you. In the days of added complexities of compliance, and how ACA Obamacare will affect your group coverage, we can do that job. By assisting your HR Department as much or as little as they need and/or prefer. Our team has the time, expertise and resources necessary to take the burden off of you, and help manage your program in the most efficient manner. We are as closes as your computer monitor, or the phone on your desk. .

You may have experience in recent time, a decline in accessibility, and responsive service from your current medical carrier. There is a reason, ACA Obamacare has capped gross profits to 20%. In doing so the carriers have reacted by restructuring their labor force, impacting the client. Employees that once used the carriers for direction and service will see a more difficult time getting the answers they need. In turn, coming back to you for those answers. The question is do your really have the time. That is why you can advantage the HRX system of real team members that you can count on means more today then ever before! In additions to the changing market place, you are faced with more compliance issues, new, and the old ones that are now going to be enforced by the DOL. Most companies are out of compliance, and few realize that, this can posses a significant threat to your company, and you. This is a time to protect your employees, and your department. Contact us today to discuss the HR extensions advantage.

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